What’s YOUR Transformation Story?

Taking the unloved part of your home and transforming it into your favourite space starts with you. What do you want to achieve from the transformation?

Are you desperate for more space?

Do you have parts of your home that are completely unusable for most weeks of the year?

Can your home be safer and more secure?

Is this a facelift with stylish windows and doors?

If you’re at loggerheads on how to solve the dilemma, trying to trade off practicality with style or budget with beauty then this is the right place for you to be.

Design matters.

How To Bring Your Vision To Life Without Compromise

Whatever your reason to transform your home our design expert will guide you through our 4 Big design promises:

Our expert designers will help you uncover hidden spaces in your home.

Our design specialists will prevent solar gain, make your home eco-sensible and flood your home with natural light.

Our suggestions are secured by design.

Our design team is there to bring your vision to life, creating the perfect style for you.


Your style and vision stays at the heart of our recommendations.

You’ll bring to life stylish year round usable spaces, flood your home with light at the right time of day and recommend safe and secure products.

What Exactly Happens In A Design Consultation?

Step 1: Brief Us On Your Style Vision For Your Home.
Show us your pinterest boards, photos of homes you love, ideas from local residential listings. Tell us all about the transformation you want, be that extensions, windows, doors or open the scope and let us suggest things you may never have thought of.

Step 2: Tell Us About The Space You Want.
How does your family use the rooms we will be looking at? Even with a simple window replacement we want to know if you need more privacy in that room, safety catches for small people, easy open handles for people with limited dexterity? Who uses that space and what do they need from it?

Once we understand your vision we can;

We Consider Solar Hacking.

We use our expertise and experience to look at how light moves around your home during the day and how that affects your rooms. We want to consider solar gain (where your house heats up too much), heat loss, glare from the sun and how practical things like glass with internal blinds could make all the difference to how much you love that room. 


We Think About Smart Security Planning

Different aspects of the home benefit form different safety features. It might be as simple as toughened glass in the windows near the children’s play area to stop the football smashing through the glass. Or more subtle considerations such as Ultion locks on the rear doors in combination with triple glazing for the back door. 


Draw Up Recommendations Perfect For You

Homes are as unique as the families that live in them. Once we have all your dreams and visions down we can get to work recommending the products that suit you best. We can showcase the options that are absolutely non-negotiable and those that might be things you’d consider if the price was right. While we’re on the subject of price, we will also fully cost the project for you too so you can feed that into your budget calculations.

Who Is The Design Consultation For?

It’s for you if;

  • You’re fast running out of space for your growing family and are considering a conservatory, extension, or porch.
  • You need more light and are wondering if roof lanterns might be the right way to go to get rid of the dingy rooms.
  • Your house needs a facelift and better curb appeal so you can stop being embarrassed by your home.
  • You’ve got old windows and doors that just aren’t up to the job of a modern eco-sensible home.
  • You’re stylish, sophisticated and elegant and your home lets you down.


It’s not for you if;

  • You want a supply only price, if that’s you then use our self-service option instead.


You’ve got this far, you want a more modern, stylish and elegant home, and Rayleigh Glass are your local glazing partner of choice.


So let’s make a date for your design consultation. You’ll get all your ideas together in one place, get expert guidance on the solutions that will best suit you and be in a position to fully cost the work.


After that it’s over to you.


You stay in control of what, if anything, happens next. 


Design consultations are purposefully part of your planning process. They are there for you to add practicality to your vision, to see what is possible with the budget you want to dedicate to the project. At the very least you’ll be one step closer to knowing what you don’t want!


And after we’ve shared the recommendations with you, they are yours to keep without any expectation that you’ll pay us anything on the day. Our Design Consultants don’t walk around with a card machine taking deposits off everyone they meet. So there’s no pressure to make a decision about your next steps while we are in your home.

Book Your Design Consultation