Get Your Windows Clean and Streak Free !!




MOST of us use a window cleaner for the outside of our house, but what about the inside?
Do you find your windows are left streaky or are you just not sure what to use?
Help is at hand. Here’s our quick-look guide to getting that sparkly finish.

First off, gather your tools and ingredients. You’ll need some water (preferably distilled to prevent streaks), white vinegar, a bowl, a microfibre cloth, newspaper and cotton wool buds.

Now create you cleaning mixture by combining one-part white vinegar to four parts water. Then dip in your microfibre cloth, wring out the excess and start to clean.

Going from top to bottom, rub in a circular motion to dislodge any big bits of dirt or grime. Now go with long vertical strokes followed by horizontal ones. Remember to dip your cloth in your cleaning mixture and wring out again if you feel it needs it.

Use the cotton wool buds (or an old, soft toothbrush) to get into the corners.

Once this is done, use the newspaper to buff the windows to a streak-free shine. Be warned though that while the newsprint won’t come off on the windows, it’s likely to be on your hands.

And here’s another quick suggestion – try to clean your windows on a cloudy, mild day. Many save this job for a bright and warm day, but the sun will dry the windows too quickly and you’re more likely to get streaks.


If you want some other window cleaning tips, here’s what some of the users on Mumsnet had to say…


“Bowl of hot water with a cup of white vinegar chucked in, teeny tiny drop of washing up liquid, wash with microfibre cloth (tesco value ones are ace, £1.50 for 5) and dry off with cotton tea towel. Also, wipe inside of window horizontally, the outside vertically, then if there are any smears that show up in the sunshine you know which side of the window they are on.”


“On the inside I just use vinegar and water, no washing up liquid, then dried off with a scrunched up newspaper.”


“Just wash them down [with hot soapy water] until you feel them clean enough to then buff with a clean dry microfibre or towelling cloth, no fancy brand needed just keep washing and drying.”


“I use an enjo glass cleaning mitt followed by a glass polishing cloth, with a spray glass cleaner, usually once a week.”


“Get an E-Cloth. They are amazing for inside and downstairs windows. No smears, no chemicals, minimum elbow grease.”


“I just use a Karcher window vac.”

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