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Our 4 Design Promises To You

Your Space

If you want more space in your home then there are big options like Conservatories, orangeries, porches and even extensions. But people often overlook the extra space you can claim back from a room by changing the traditional windows and doors into more modern options. The layout and design of the space you already have is key, a room can be transformed by adding a roof lantern, changing a dark and dingy corner into a light flooded restful space.

Our expert designers will help you uncover hidden space in your home.


The sun provides our homes with warmth and light, but most homes were built for maximum developer profit not optimal light in the home. We often see people who have a conservatory that can only be used a few weeks of the year because it’s too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Or kitchens that have no natural light when you’re most likely to be preparing a meal. From blinds inside doors and windows to planitherm glass there are so many options for smart solar choices.

Our Southend double glazing specialists will prevent solar gain, make your home eco-sensible and flood your home with natural light.


Feeling safe in your home is non-negotiable for us. You absolutely should not live in fear. That’s why all our products come with safe options such as toughened glass and Ultion locks.  This video demonstrates this point well.

There’s full consensus here. Our design suggestions are security safe.


Ultimately curb appeal matters. If your home is in need of a facelift then there are so many options from composite doors, porches and windows. We’re celebrating our 40th Birthday this year and there’s no shame in a house of that age needing a little TLC and upgrade in style.

Our design team is there to bring your vision to life, creating the perfect style for you.

Bespoke Living Spaces

Conservatories are a timeless way to add space where you need it in a configuration that enhances your home and garden. These are one off bespoke designs inspired by how you want to use the space. Imagine what that extra room will be, who will use it and what for? Asking yourself those questions in advance of a design consultation means you can craft the perfect living space.

It’s this versatility that set’s apart conservatories from other ways of extending your home. The space can reflect even the most ambitious plans for redefining the way you live in your home.

Custom designs and shapes can be sculpted to your existing home, you might add a simple lean to style, or look to expand with a wrap around, increasing dimension across both aspects of your home.

How you want to use the space will all be thought through in detail so you can choose roofing, footings, brickwork, electrics, heating, plastering, and floor tiling to compliment the living space.

Choosing Between Glass or Tiled Roof Conservatories

You can choose from a selection of roof finishes including various polycarbonate options or toughened glass including “Pilkington Activ” self-cleaning & solar control glass in clear or blue tint. All our glazed roof options come pre-prepared with solar gain reduction and low U-Values to make the space a year round addition to the home.

All our tiled roofs are constructed using market leading roofing systems which are designed to the highest standards. They are robust and can cope with even the harshest of British weathering.

With no difference in quality between glass and tiled roof options it really does come down to your personal preference and style when choosing the right conservatory roof.

Sun Soaked Without Becoming A Sauna

Those of us old enough to remember the conservatory revolution of the 70’s and 80’s wince at the expense of a room that could only be comfortably used a few weeks of the year. In summer the old conservatories were swelteringly hot, and by winter you needed a good pair of long johns.

Solar technology has advanced so much in the last 40 years that a conservatory built to today’s standards is a space you can use whatever the temperature is outside. Here’s a quick guide to the solar technology installed as standard in all our glazing.

‘A’ Rated Glazed Windows Are Eco-Sensible

We were the first company in Essex who installed ‘A’ rated double glazed windows as standard. Just a small signal of our commitment to quality products. This means our windows carefully balance the weather outside with the optimal living conditions inside your home.

The sun will move light around your home, make certain areas warm up quickly and large areas of glazing used to be a cause for heat loss too. Now with all this in mind our solar sensible options mean you don’t have to let the sun’s movements determine how your conservatory looks or when you can spend time in it.


Better insulated windows have a lower U-Value.This is important to consider, especially in larger glazing projects, because it helps you keep heat in your conservatory. Big windows with a higher u-value will allow vast amounts of heat to escape through the window and make sitting in the room impossible in the winter months. With the smart technology in our glazed units we can minimise heat loss to such an extent you can eat Christmas Dinner in the conservatory should you wish.

Solar Gain

Solar control glass such as from the Pilkington range will also help to protect your space from solar gain, where the glass acts to magnify the heat coming in. This is especially important to consider in conservatories with a glazed roof so you can comfortably control the temperature of the room even on the hottest days of the year. A combined approach to U-value and reducing solar gain means you get the perfect balance of insulation for your space.

Internal Blinds

Aside from the obvious benefits that come from never needing to be cleaned or dusted, internal blinds are a smart feature in glazed conservatory roofs. On very bright days you can simply cover the roof using the internal blinds and control not only the heat and solar gain but amount of light in the space too. A very flexible approach that gives you precise control.

The windows and doors are always our high security and energy efficient PVC-u system with energy saving glass, internal glazing and include the latest multi-point locking systems.

Conservatory Refurbishment Essex

We can even revitalise your existing conservatory by just replacing the roof, renewing the windows and doors or even both.

By leaving the existing brickwork and footings in place (subject to survey) we are able to modernise and refurbish your old conservatory at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire structure.

A new roof and frames manufactured to modern standards and regulations will certainly brighten the place up and eradicate any leaks or draughts, making it more usable all year round.

Featured Customer Reviews

"Really pleased with the double glazing I had installed. Rayleigh glass where clean tidy and great value, as I am based abroad and this was on an investment property I needed a double glazing company I could trust."

Curt Ligot

"Another great job by Matt and his team. Highly reccomend Rayleigh Glass. Great service and lovely people to deal with. Thank you"

Jennifer Pidgeon

"Absolute pleasure using Rayleigh glass. We had Carl measure up initially, and give us some great ideas and he also was part of the fitting team. Matt was great throughout the process and ensured we felt happy with how the work and the purchase was going - he organised everything brilliantly. It's always a risk when you spend so much money on work on the house but I felt reassured that I was in safe hands. Would highly recommend using them."

Samira Ashraf

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