Roof Lanterns

Enjoy Light Filled Rooms

Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns harness the natural power of the sun gifting you a brighter home. The inspiring designs connect you to the outside world with some of the most advanced roof lanterns on the market.

Imagine dining under the stars, bathing in natural light, and standing in limitless space.

The glass used in our roof lanterns and roof lights can make a big difference to how comfortable the room feels. We use Planitherm glass to ensure the perfect balance of light, warmth, comfort and security.

Planitherm glass is the same trusted glass used in the iconic London landmark, Gherkin building.

Available in several styles and colours, roof lanterns or roof light add a spectacular focal point to any kitchen, dining room or living space.

A special coating blocks out 50% of external heat from the sun, whilst keeping in 63% more internal heat – meaning your home will stay cooler in hot weather and warmer in winter. Our range of roof lanterns and roof lights caters for both pitched and flat roofs, and can be added to extensions, orangery, and conservatory refurbishment.

It can be truly stunning the difference this makes to your home. From simply the overall appearance of your house, to the way light and warmth just fills every corner of your living space.

Natural light is better for your health and sleep than artificial lighting, so there are even health benefits to a roof lantern too.

Natural Heating And Temperature Control

A More Natural View

Soaking in natural light isn’t the only benefit to roof lanterns, the view is much improved too. And there’s no need to paint the ceilings! You’ll create a calmer and more natural space to rest.Take away the need for excessive artificial lighting and associated costs. To keep that view stunning, we include a self cleaning glass as standard, something your window cleaner will be grateful for.

What About The Rain?

Unlike a polycarbonate roof that can be deafening in the rain, a roof lantern is a double or triple glazed construction. That means you are protected from the outside noise as much as possible during a rainstorm. You’ll hear outdoor noises just the same as you would through any window, but no more.

Fixed Or Flexible?

Roof lanterns can be a fixed installation or be provided with openings, much like a window. Both options can be considered depending on the size of your installation. For spaces where a fixed roof lantern is chosen we can offer a range of other ventilation options to suit the temperature control needs of the space.

Roof Lanterns Provide A More Natural View

You may be unsure as to what’s possible, or what will make the biggest transformation to your home, and the simple answer is, take advantage of a design consultation.

One of our highly experienced design team can come to you and chat through the options available, and when you’re ready to take the next step, can draw up the designs to give you an idea of exactly how amazing your home is going to look.

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