Double Glazed Windows

There’s a real risk when we think of windows that we dismiss them as ‘just a bit of glass to look through.’ This is a mistake because it removes all the other important aspects of choosing windows suitable for your space, solar specifications, security and style.

Bespoke Living Spaces

More Than Just Something To Look Through

What’s The Difference Between Double Glazing And Triple Glazing?

Your double glazed or triple glazed windows are fully customisable to your space, solar needs, security and style, making them an integral part of any room. All of our windows are manufactured to world class standards using the latest computer aided manufacturing techniques.

Our recommendations will depend on your requirements, why not take advantage of a design consultation at our expense so you can plan the perfect combination for you? Regulations are there for a reason and we can look at escape needs, acoustic, ventilation, and security features you’ll need for each window.


Triple glazed windows are constructed using three layers of glass with two air cavities, rather than just two sheets of glass as with double glazing. This includes argon gas filled cavities together with ‘Planithern Total’ heat saving glass for maximum performance.
With energy costs continuously rising Triple glazing further improves the thermal efficiency of our “A” Rated window and entrance door system. The windows help to keep the house warmer whilst using less energy which leads to you saving money on your energy bills.

Noise Reduction

Unwanted noise from outside is significantly reduced with the application of Triple glazing, which means that anything from the roar of an aircraft to road and traffic noise can literally be shut out. Similarly Triple glazing really helps in situations where you may need to lock the noise in, such as in a music studio or environments where you don’t want to disturb your neighbours.

More Secure

The additional pane of glass also improves security as it’s even harder to get through three panes! Combined with our shoot-bolt locking, internal beading and additional hinge protection, Triple glazing helps take our product to the highest level of security.

A Key Design Feature Of Your Space

Windows affect the way you use space in the room. Window openings, sash windows and the layout of the window frames can all have an impact. Maybe you want to add a window seat, create a sense of connection to the outdoors or replace a doorway with a window to free up floor space? The way in which we add glazing to a room can change its whole focus and function, so it’s a decision we should make with family dynamics in mind.

Eco Sensible Design For The Modern Home

Carefully balance the weather outside with the optimal living conditions inside your home. The sun will move light around your home, make certain areas warm up quickly and large areas of glazing used to be a cause for heat loss too. Now with all this in mind our solar sensible options mean you don’t have to let the sun’s movements determine how your home looks.

Magnificent Use Of The Suns Natural Heat

Solar control glass such as from the Pilkington range will also help to protect your space from solar gain, where the glass acts to magnify the heat coming in. This is especially important to consider in rooms with a large surface area of glazing so you can comfortably control the temperature of the room even on the hottest days of the year. A combined approach to U-value and reducing solar gain means you get the perfect balance of insulation for your space.

The window sills are often overlooked but are a defining factor and even a key design feature of the space. Deep recess, a bench seat in the window, how flush the sill is to the room furniture all change the way the space is used. Infinity sills can make your room feel like it’s going on into the outdoors, and the colour and material combinations can complement the design style too.

Decorative glass can create a sense of seclusion and privacy in a room without the need to block out the light. Most commonly seen in bathrooms, innovative design can give you the privacy you need at the front o f the house too, especially if there’s little space between you and the public.

Better insulated windows have a lower U-Value. This is important to consider, especially in larger glazing projects because it helps you keep heat in your home. Big windows with a higher u-value will allow vast amounts of heat to escape through the window and make sitting near the windows cooler in the room in the winter months. With the smart technology in our glazed units we can minimise heat loss.

Our window systems are internally glazed and include the latest multi point locking systems together with additional hinge protectors to provide our customers with the highest levels of security. Secured by design is the police preferred specification for windows encapsulated in our window range.

Laminated Glass
A determined intruder will find a way through almost any security feature. Our role is to make homes so difficult to target that they don’t bother trying. Laminated glass is one tool in our arsenal that slows down any attempts to smash the glass. In comparison to standard double glazing a laminated or reinforced glass can help prevent entry to the home.

It’s also got more practical applications, such as staying in one place if the lawnmower flings a stray stone towards the window.

Restrictor hooks limit the window opening so that they are not easily opened wide. This can be a key feature when you have young children of dogs in the home, especially for the upstairs windows. In the case of needing to open the windows wider the restrictor hook acts like a child safety cap.

Not only a key feature of security for their locking systems, and strong style potential, handles have a muchmore practical functions too. Take for example the bespoke Nemesis lock, which sits inside sash windows, features a robust off set handed die-cast gearbox and bi-directional twin cam locking.

We have seen handles installed where the operation is too fiddly for the dexterity of the homeowner, meaning it’s very difficult for them to open the windows at all. These critical design decisions are covered in our design consultations, making sure that the attention to delta goes into the planning from day 1.

Style Options For Your Double Glazed Windows
Our double glazed product range is available as standard in white, rosewood, light oak and black grain together with a range of new colour options in grey, chartwell green, Irish oak cream and white grain with the additional optional features of leaded light, coloured leaded light, Georgian grille and bevelled sealed units.

Period styling, ultra modern, timeless and traditional? What style suits your home? There’s a frame to match. Frame colours come in a delightful range of options, textures and styles to suit any home. The crisp straight lines of the modern, future facing home or the traditional oak look windows suited to a more period property are all available.

Privacy Glass
Decorative glass can create a sense of seclusion and privacy in a room without the need to block out the light. Most commonly seen in bathrooms, innovative design can give you the privacy you need at the front o f the house too, especially if there’s little space between you and the public.

“Express your individual style while allowing maximum light into your home.”

Inspired by the latest trends, the new, expanded range gives you the ability to maintain privacy providing the optimum blend of form and function.”

This is more than just glass and plastic. Window design changes the whole presentation of your home. It’s more than just how you use the space, more than how the rooms respond to the outside world, more than just being safe, more than the style options. Windows are the eyes of the home.

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