7 Great Man Cave Ideas

MAN caves have been springing up all over the country. Whether it’s a conservatory makeover, extension to the house, a loft conversion, garage conversion, remodelling of an unused bedroom or really doing up the shed, men are staking a claim for a room that’s just for themselves.

1.) The Bar – Every man dreams of running his own pub, and now he can in his own home. Styled just how he wants his local to be, the man cave bar is one of the best ways to entertain friends and family without having to pay out ever-increasing pub prices. Your round again Dave!

mancave1 - bar

2.)  The Games Room – Often associated with The Bar, The Games Room allows our man to play pool, snooker, darts, table tennis or bowling with his pals whenever he wants. Some game-lovers introduce pinball machines or an air hockey table like you’d find at the arcades. And the more modern man cave builder is also likely to install a PlayStation or Xbox to embrace the digital-age challenge. Just make sure your wifi reaches that far.

mancave2 - game

3.) The Hobby Room – Whether it’s model railways, a comic book collection, a Doctor Who fascination or a fixation on music memorabilia, the Hobby Room is the perfect place to embrace your inner nerdiness without cluttering up the rest of the house. Although be careful, if your collection gets too big – you’ll need a second man cave.

mancave3 - hobby

4.) The Cinema Room – Bit of a film buff? Enjoy watching your action scenes on a BIG screen? Or just hate paying out £15 for a popcorn and cola? Having your own cinema takes all those troubles away. You may not be able to get the most up-to-date releases, but you can watch your favourites at the press of a button. And if you start charging your mates £15 for popcorn and cola, then the Cinema Room will soon pay for itself.

mancave4 - cinema

5.) The Gym – For those fitness minded, what better way to enjoy your garden than to look out from it through your conservatory as you pound the treadmill, lift those weights or pedal on the exercise bike? And if you have the space for a pool too, you could find you can get a more complete workout at home than you ever did at the local fitness centre.

mancave5 - gym

6.) The Study – Very practical if you work from home or are one of the more studious among us, a converted loft, garage or conservatory could become the perfect place to knuckle down without distraction. But make sure there’s plenty of natural light in there to keep those grey cells primed.

mancave6 - study

7.) The Ultimate – Why settle for one of the suggestion above? Why not try to cram them all in? A bar next to your games room, just sectioned off from your cinema screen and around the corner from your gym and personal study. It’s the ultimate place for work, rest and play – but would you ever want to leave?

mancave7 - all

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